Increase in wages for Business Aviation
Increase in wages for Business Aviation

Increase in wages for Business Aviation


Business aviation is a fast-growing industry with competitive compensation packages and strong job security. The average annual growth rate of the business aviation industry was 3% over the past decade, according to NBAA (National Business Aviation Association). Additionally, pilots’ mean salary rose from $139,560 in 2021 to $144,501 in 2022, according to NBAA’s annual salary survey. Business aviation pilots earn higher salaries than those employed by commercial airlines or corporate jets because they have specialized training and experience flying larger aircraft through dangerous weather conditions such as thunderstorms or snowstorms.”

NBAA Predicts Salary Increase in Business Aviation

According to NBAA, salaries in business aviation will increase 3.2% this year, up from 2.8% in 2021. The association’s annual survey of over 1,100 aviation companies found that 63% of respondents expected pilot wages to rise by 3% or more by 2022. The survey also revealed that 47% of industry leaders expect their companies’ profits and revenue to improve in 2022, compared with 35% who did so last year at this time.

Benefits of Being Highly Skilled in Aviation

In addition to salary increases, NBAA also said that highly skilled employees are likely to be compensated for education, performance, and longevity. Being an FAA employee, you’ll also have numerous career growth opportunities. These include onsite training, web-based courses, peer monitoring, personalized development plans, leadership development, and management training programs. Aviation benefits can consist of comprehensive benefits and programs to secure your future.

Why the Global Economy is a Pilot’s Catering Service

The steady rise in salary for the industry is part of a long-term trend for the aviation sector, according to NBAA’s research, with the mean and median salaries for pilots rising significantly over the past decade.

Research shows that people want to work in aviation because they want to make a difference. They know this industry is a critical component of the global economy’s success. “Business aviation is an essential resource that allows companies to meet their objectives and create opportunities for employees and communities around the world, Salaries are going up because there is a growing pool of skilled professionals based on demand,” said David Richey, F1RST Resourcing managing director. While wages vary by region and experience level within the industry, evidence shows that salaries are going up because there is a growing pool of skilled professionals based on demand.


Business aviation is a dynamic industry that has experienced incredible growth in recent years. The average salary in this field has increased by approximately 3% per year over the last decade. There has been a boom over the last decade, with research showing qualified researchers’ pay rates rising by 3.2%. Business aviation provides air transportation services for corporate executives and other VIP customers who need their flights on demand at any time of day or night. This industry plays a vital role in global commerce since these customers frequently travel across continents to conduct business deals with foreign companies while enjoying high levels of comfort during their journeys.

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